Weapon Process

If three pieces of metal are painted, one over a dirty surface, one over a clean surface and one over a clean and primed surface, the reliability and corrosion resistance would be drastically different, even though the same paint was used. The same is true with any coating in that surface preparation is a major factor in reliability. We take pride in that we DO NOT follow the manufacturer recommendations when we process a weapon. Our proprietary process provides superior surface preparation, tightened operating tolerance and increased quality control. Combined with premium coatings, superior results are obtained.

Our process is not a “Shake & Bake” process. Prior to applying our ceramic or polymer coatings, we blast the parts with aluminum oxide to remove surface oxidation and activate the surface. After another proprietary cleaning step, a proprietary phosphate conversion coating is applied, similar to the Parkerizing processes. This provides corrosion resistance and a dry film lubricant in blind areas where the spray on coatings can not be applied. In addition the process provides a superior surface to enhance adhesion of the final coating. After the conversion coating another proprietary cleaning process is incorporated, then the final topcoat is applied and cured in an oven. After curing, the parts are coated with oil designed specifically for corrosion protection.

In an effort to operate in a “Lean” environment we maximize the amount of throughput within a specified amount of time. Utilizing custom made processing tanks and a combination of a large walk in oven or a smaller batch oven, we can reduce the time required to process multiple weapons while not wasting resources. We analyze our processing solutions daily and make the needed adjustment to assure that we are operating in the optimum solution concentrations. In addition to a superior process, our $40,000 process line assures that we are able to maintain the quality control required of a superior process.

Better Process + $40,000 in Equipment + Superior Materials = Better Finish