In The Beginning

Raised on the Alabama gulf coast, high temperatures, humidity and a prevailing wind off the Gulf of Mexico created a natural salt spray chamber. Corrosion was a part of life, especially to the avid hunter. Oil and elbow grease was the solution to a rust free firearm. As a young man, I purchased an A5 shotgun to hunt deer in the river swamp. After a few hours on a stand, red finger prints we evident on the receiver. Oiling during lunch was frequently required. It was then that I realized that weapons were not designed for the extreme hunter.

Later in Life, as a Mechanical Engineer at an aircraft engine manufacturer, corrosion of steel parts presented a more serious problem to the highly stress engine components. To improve reliability, I had the opportunity to see and test some of the best corrosion resistant products and processes available. While researching the various processes, I could not help but wonder why this technology had not passed down to the firearms industry.

Out of curiosity I was able to have process by A5 using a modified process I developed. 20 years later, my A5 still does not rust regardless of the weather conditions. In addition to providing excellent corrosion protection the matte black finish provided would not spook the game, typical with a blued weapon.

Impressed with the results, my wife and I elected to offer the process to the public as a secondary source of income. What started as a part time job working out of our utility room, quickly grew into a full time business once word spread that a better a better gun finish was available. After a lengthily corrosion test we become the processor of choice for the Orange Beach office Alabama Marine Police, processing all 870’s used on the Gulf Coast. The Alabama Marine Resource department on Dauphin Island Alabama soon followed suit. Impressed with our reputation, we have been requested to provide samples to Barret, Remington, Diemaco, KDF, Les Baer, Nowlin, and other manufacturers.

Our initial vision was to provide one of the best extreme environment gun finishes available at a reasonable price. Today our customer base consists of custom weapons manufacturers, gunsmiths, and law enforcement departments from Alaska to the Florida. Our Stealth-Techä and EWPä process have proven to provide world class protection in the swamps of the south, the snow in Maine, on safari in Africa and in the deserts of the Middle East. Though our business has expanded to include powder coating, hydrographic printing, and high-performance coating of high performance and custom cars and motorcycles, we still retain our initial vision in gun refinishing.