Extreme Weapon Protectant

Our Extreme Weapon protectant (EWP) is a poly-ceramic coating developed to withstand the high heat and high loads of a 50 Cal. automatic weapon. We currently are using the Cerakote ceramic coating and have been factory trained and certified in the application of the product.

We incorporate the ceramic coating into our proprietary Stealth-Tech process to provide you better corrosion resistance and better reliability. The EWP coating is harder and 60% more abrasion resistant than Teflon and moly coating. As previously stated, it will withstand higher temperatures up to 1200 °F without delimitation. It is strongly recommended for automatic weapon barrels, flashes suppressors and choke tubes.

The ceramic coating material cost up to 4 times more that polymer coating materials and the curing cycle is twice as long. Therefore, the processing fee is slightly higher and typical polymer coating.

Please contact us for available colors for customizing your weapon.