About Top-Gun Enterprises Inc.


Top-Gun Enterprises Inc. was founded in 2001 by Ollie Daw Jr. (Quality Director for Crestview Aerospace Corp and FAA DAR.) and his wife Debra Daw. What initially started as a part time business, quickly grew to a full-time business for Debra, as the gunfinish provided by the small company proved to be more reliable than the finishes provide by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket processors. The company was named Top-gun Enterprises.

Within a year, our reputation grew, and we had a visit from a freelance firearms reporter (Charlie Cutshaw) who requested that we process one of his guns. He was impressed with our process and our name quickly grew. In conjunction with Charlie, we develop a new company (Top-Gun Technology, Inc.)  which was to focus on the Military side of the market.    We were introduced to several AR-15 platform rifle builders and processed prototype parts for testing and evaluation.

In 2002, we obtained worldwide recognition when we were asked by the NDIA (National Defense Industry Association) to speak on “Advance Technology in Gun Finishes” at the 2002 small arms conference held in Atlantic City NJ. I addressed military leaders and arms manufactures throughout the free world about the short comings and disadvantages of Mil-Spec gun finishes.

Though welcomed by the military representative who wanted to see new innovations incorporated into their weapon systems, the presentation was not well accepted by the manufacturers who rely on new gun sales to remain in business. One executive for one of the largest firearms manufacturers stated, “We do not want a weapon to last more than 4 to 7 years, if it did, we would go broke.” One Marine Corp. General came to our booth and stated he direly needed our finish as he was receiving brand new guns that were rusting before they could get them out of the box.

At the same time, there was an international competition underway to design and build rifles for NATO. One of our associates entered the competition using his new design and our gun finish. As the competition was winding down on the final day of competition, our booth was swamped with gun manufacturers, military personnel and reporters congratulating us on our success. Testing proved that our rifle was the most accurate, reliable and durable rifle submitted and we were on track to being awarded the contract the following day.

Reporters were scheduling interview with us, as were about to receive one of the largest small arms contracts in history. The next day, one of the reporters came to our booth and said that he could not believe what had happened. The competition was cancelled at the last minute, and the contract would not be awarded. We asked why, and the response was heart breaking. He said, the wrong team was winning the competition. We had flown into the competition under the radar of the politicians and we were not supposed to win the contract.

We did not have any politician’s or generals on our team, and they felt it was best to cancel the competition and reopen the competition when the other companies could evaluate what we did and have to opportunity to copy and possibly improve on the design. We verified that the competition could be cancelled at any time prior to the awarding of the contract.  As a result, we were not awarded the contract that we rightfully earned.

Not willing to be used by the unscrupulous government machine, I elected to dissolve Top-Gun Technologies Inc., and vowed not to offer any advice or services to the Federal Government relating to our process.

When we returned home, and continued to offer our proprietary gun refinishing services to individuals, custom gun shops, local and state law enforcement, under Top-Gun Enterprises Inc. at our facility in Stapleton, Al.

In 2005 we received a generous offer to buy our Stapelton facility and we elected to sell and relocate to Elberta Al., next to our residence. With all new equipment and very little overhead, we able to provide our superior finish at economy prices. The addition of our powder coating line and hydrodipping line, has allowed us to diversify the business.

If you have any questions or need additional data, please do not hesitate to contact us.