Gun Finishes & Powder Coatings

Initially established in 1999 and incorporated in 2002 Top-Gun Enterprises Inc. is a small family owner operated business, specializing in corrosion resistant utility gun finishes and custom powder coating and ceramic coating of custom and performance automobiles and motorcycle. Recognized as an innovator rather than a duplicator, Top-Gun Enterprises Inc. has become a world class provider of utility gun finishes setting the standard in reliability and corrosion resistance.

Our Goal: To use advance aviation technology to provide a superior corrosion resistant utility gun finish for the public at a reasonable cost.

Our Story, Our Beginning

Learn about us and our history

Raised on the Alabama gulf coast, high temperatures, humidity, and a prevailing wind off the Gulf of Mexico created a natural salt spray chamber. Corrosion was a part of life, especially to the avid hunter. Oil and elbow grease was the solution to a rust free firearm. Read More