Our original Stealth-Tech Finish is a MOSO2 polymer finish. Polymer finished normally come in either an epoxy base or phonolic base. We elected to use the phenolic base as it is more durable and withstands higher temperature that epoxy. We elected to utilize “Moly” rather than “Teflon” as "Moly" withstand higher temperatures and loads that Teflon and it stays in suspension longer when being sprayed, where Teflon tends to float to the surface causing uneven disposition of the solids after the coating is applied.

Some manufacturers of polymer coatings state that the coating can be applied directly to the parts being process after they have been cleaned blasted and heated. The problem being that polymer coatings are a line of sight coating. If there are any blind areas, such as in holes, between vented ribs and barrels that are not coated, there is no corrosion resistance. This is why we first process the parts in a phosphate conversion coating, so we will have corrosion resistance in blind areas. Though the phosphate conversion coating provide excellent corrosion resistance by it self, it does not provide the corrosion resistance of a polymer coating. Though the polymer coating provides superior corrosion resistance when compared to a phosphate coating, it will not coat blind hole. The combination of the two processes provides better corrosion resistance than either process alone.

We process all steel parts including screws and pins. We phosphate coating is unmeasurable when applied. The polymer coating is from .0003 to .0007 depending on what we are covering. Internal parts are shot thin and external parts are shot heavy. Some internal parts receive the phosphate coating only when any build up will cause a problem.

We do not apply the polymer coating down the barrel, but we do phosphate the barrel, unless specifically requested otherwise. We have found that the coating does not affect the accuracy, provides corrosion resistance within the barrel and requires less cleaning. Some customer indicates that accuracy may have accuracy improved.

The resulting finish is a very durable, corrosion resistant matte finish with a dry film lubricant, which reduces the need for oil and maintenance while increasing reliability.


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