Welcome to Top-Gun Enterprises, Inc.

Initially established in 1999 and incorporated in 2002 Top-Gun Enterprises Inc. is a small owner operated business, specializing in utility gun finishes and custom powder coating and ceramic coating of custom and performance automobiles and motorcycle. Recognized as an innovator rather than a duplicator, Top-Gun Enterprises Inc. has become a world class provider of utility gun finishes setting the standard in reliability and corrosion resistance.

Top-Gun Enterprises obtained world wide recognition when the President/CEO, Ollie Daw Jr., was asked by the NDIA (National Defense Industry Association) be a feature speaker at the 2002 small arms conference held in Atlantic City NJ, Mr. Daw addressed military leaders and arms manufactures throughout the free world about the short comings and disadvantages of Mil-Spec type gun finishes offered by all manufacturers in attendance. Though the military representative who wanted to see new innovations incorporated into their weapons, increased longevity applauded the presentation was not well accepted by the manufacturers who rely on new gun sales to remain in business. As the Chief Engineer for one major manufacturer stated, “we do not want a weapon to last forever or we will go broke”

With 30 years of experience in aviation Design, Development and Quality Assurance, Top-Gun Enterprises Inc. has the knowledge and experience to develop high reliability coating processes using aerospace technology and products at a reasonable price to the customer.

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