Extreme Weapon Protectant (EWP)

EWP is new technology recently introduced to the market. It was initially developed to withstand the high heat and high loads of a 50 Cal. automatic weapon. We apply the ceramic coating using the same proprietary process used when processing Stealth-Tech. The EWP finish is harder and 60% more abrasion resistant than the polymer coating. As previously stated, it will withstand higher temperatures up to 1200 °F without delimitation. It is strongly recommended for automatic weapon barrels, flashes suppressors and vented barrels or vented choke tubes.

As the ceramic coating does not have a dry film lubricant, when processing parts we do not use the ceramic coating on the internal portions. For internal protection and lubricity, we apply our Stealth-Tech process. The ceramic is applied to external parts only.

The ceramic raw material cost up to 4 times more that polymer raw material and the curing cycle is twice as long. Therefore EWP is about $20.00 more than Stealth-Tech.

EWP is available it Black, Forest Green and Desert Tan.


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